These resources are created by myself, and I use them regularly with the families I support. These are available for you to buy and read at your leisure, or you can book a 1-1 consultation for individualised advice that is tailored specifically to you.

The Children’s Dietitian Fussy Eating Masterclass: Part 1 Babies

Are you struggling with weaning? Are mealtimes with your baby an everyday battle? Are you worried your baby isn’t getting enough? Day in day out I work with families who struggle with the common problem of fussy eating, which with the right support can be easily resolved. This is why I created my fussy eating masterclass, so that I can reach and support more families with an easily accessible online tutorial. By the end of this class, part one, which is focused on babies, you will have the knowledge and skills to combat your child’s feeding problems, and by putting my advice into practice you will have easier and happier mealtimes, and a baby who enjoys eating.


What foods should I feed my baby? Your guide to getting it right

This handy booklet is to help you get the nutrition right when weaning your baby. In here you will find out exactly what foods to give your baby when weaning, along with some tips and recipes. Have you heard the term “food before one is just for fun”? It is true that food before one should be fun, but it can and should be so much more. Baby’s nutritional requirements are exceptionally high due to their rapid growth, and therefore meeting these requirements from their diet is important. Try this easy to follow guide to help you through your weaning journey


Your Guide to Milk Reintroduction in Cow’s Milk Allergy

This guidance is for the home reintroduction of milk and dairy products into the diets of infants and children with mild to moderate cow’s milk allergy. It is a plan to re-introduce milk products gradually and in stages, starting with foods that contain only a small amount of well cooked milk and progressing towards uncooked dairy products and fresh milk. Who should use it? This method should only be followed by only be followed by infants and children with a mild to moderate infants and children with a mild to moderate cow’s milk allergy known as a ‘non IgE mediated’ milk allergy. It is not suitable for children with a milk allergy that results in severe or immediate allergic reactions known as ‘IgE mediated’ milk allergy.


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